Introduction to the maintenance of the core components of CNC cutting machine

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CNC cutting machine core parts maintenance common sense introduction:

       1. The ground is shocked. In the production of mechanical manufacturing plants, due to physical displacement actions such as dragging and vibration, not only does it bring huge noise, but the vibration brought by the equipment work will bring huge damage to the industrial computer disk, optical drive and floppy drive. Therefore, reducing the environmental vibration of the CNC cutting machine is beneficial to protecting the disk. It can also be placed under the industrial control cabinet and the box with a sponge and a cushioning object to reduce the risk of vibration.

        2. There are many respirable particles in the air. Most of the raw materials in many factories require powder processing. In addition, the external air flow is large and the dust is too much. The industrial control machine is easy to accumulate a large amount of sticky dust, which causes the local temperature of the CNC cutting machine to be too high, which causes hardware damage. Timed blowing can be used where normal production permits. Where dust is more serious, filter gauze can be placed in the air-permeable part of the industrial control cabinet and cleaned regularly.

        3, CNC cutting machine power supply voltage fluctuations, easy to power off. With the rapid development of industry and life, the demand for electricity is also increasing. In many areas, there are insufficient power supply, unstable voltage, and easy power outages. We can use the regulated power supply and the UPS uninterruptible power supply for protection. The specific CNC cutting machine is selected according to the load power and needs to be kept working.