How to choose the thickness of the CNC flame cutting machine cutting nozzle and the corresponding me

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In industrial production and processing, CNC flame cutting machine can cut parts of various shapes and has strong versatility. Generally, it is responsible for the cutting of the structural parts of the sheet, and the cutting quality of the structural parts directly affects the welding quality of the workpiece and the overall performance of the product. The application of CNC cutting machine in the blanking section not only fully reflects the advantages of cutting automation and centralized cutting, but also greatly improves the utilization rate of the board, and the cutting quality and production efficiency have been significantly improved.

      Although the CNC flame cutting machine has a much smaller cutting range than the CNC plasma cutting machine, the excess medium plate cutting and cutting, the flame cutting has better cutting quality and lower processing cost. According to the general flame cutting parameters, the carbon plate and the carbon plate with a thickness of 6-200mm can be completed with a general flame cutting nozzle. However, it is recommended that the enterprise should select the appropriate cutting nozzle model according to the thickness of the material during cutting. Achieve the best cutting results.

        The use of CNC flame cutting machine, in addition to the control of cutting gas, cutting thickness and cutting speed, should also be selected in the matching of accessories, especially for cutting materials of different thickness, the selection of cutting nozzle is particularly important.

In the selection of the cutting nozzle model, the material is generally selected to be 1-4# cutting nozzle within 50mm thickness, 4-5# cutting nozzle is recommended for 50-100mm, and 6-7# cutting nozzle for material exceeding 100mm thickness. The reason is that different thickness of the plate should adopt different cutting speed, cutting gas pressure and different cutting nozzle models. The thin plate with the thickness of 6-20mm can be cut from the edge of the steel plate when starting to cut the part due to heat variability. The perforation method is that the edge of the steel plate is closed, and the slit at the edge of the steel plate has a certain distance from the edge of the steel plate, which can limit the dimensional deviation of the part caused by the denaturation.

        For thick plates of 20-100mm, because the cutting is not easy to change and the perforation operation is very easy to block the cutting nozzle, it can be cut from the edge of the steel plate. When the thick plate is used for numerical control automatic gas cutting, the verticality of the cutting surface is often insufficient. The quality problem, therefore, before cutting the thick plate, try to cut out the two cuts in the horizontal and vertical directions, and use the square to detect the verticality of the two directions of the cutting torch so that the cutting surface is perpendicular to the surface of the steel plate.

       By adopting the above several cutting methods, the dimensional accuracy of the various parts of the CNC flame cutting machine and the high efficiency of cutting can be ensured. The high quality and operation skills of the operator are also related to the cutting quality of the CNC flame cutting machine, which is an important part that cannot be ignored.