CNC plasma cutting machine operating procedures

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As a cutting tool, CNC plasma cutting machine has been paid more and more attention by many people. How to operate CNC plasma cutting machine? What should we do? Today, Xiaobian will give you a brief introduction.


1. The first step is to check whether the plasma inlet air pressure meets the requirements and whether the plasma power supply is turned on or not.


2. Press the start cutting torch to perform the positioning action and the plasma power supply has no alarm. If there is an alarm, follow the plasma power supply manual to eliminate the fault.


3. Close the switch that controls the CNC in the power distribution cabinet of the workshop, close the total power supply of the cutting and electromechanical cabinet, close the power supply of the dust removal controller, and start the dust collector.


4. After the CNC system is fully started, right-hand emergency stop switch, right-turning the power button to power on the drive.


5. Customize each axis to zero, check the plasma consumables and replace them, and close the plasma power circuit breaker.


6. Open oxygen and compressed air. The pressure of each gas is 8.3bar+-10%.


7, call the cutting program and the corresponding database of the program to make corrections


8, save the program cutting starting point to the reference point, and open the plasma power and adjust the gas settings


9. Start cutting, press the start cutting button, check whether the cutting signal is normal according to the drawing.


10. If you encounter problems in the middle, press the stop button to stop cutting, and continue cutting after eliminating the problem.


11. After the cutting is completed, turn off the computer power, plasma power, and gas valves.


12, finally clean the machine, keep the rack, rails, and refuel


The general cutting signal timing is: press to start cutting; the numerical control system accepts the external signal and then sends the start cutting signal or the numerical control system directly sends the cutting signal; after the plasma torch is selected and then the control system plasma torch is adjusted to perform the positioning action, the torch nozzle contacts Go to the steel plate and then rise back to the height of the perforation; after the height adjustment control system completes the positioning action, it will start to send the cutting switch signal to the plasma power supply, start the arcing and perforation, and the machine will start moving to cut the workpiece after the piercing is completed.