Six elements of portable CNC cutting machine

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The so-called portable CNC cutting machine, also known as the trolley type CNC cutting machine or the micro CNC cutting machine, from the characteristics of the model, the trolley type cutting machine has the characteristics of high-speed and high-efficiency CNC cutting machine, and its processing precision is also better than the general hand-held or The copying equipment has improved a lot. When choosing a portable CNC cutting machine, generally consider the following aspects:


(1) The structure of the portable CNC cutting machine depends on factors such as the size of the machine tool and the weight of the machined workpiece.


(2) The size of the main specifications of the portable CNC cutting machine should be compatible with the contour size of the workpiece to ensure the reasonable use of the equipment.


(3) According to the processing precision requirements of the parts, the portable CNC cutting machine is selected, and the working precision of the portable CNC cutting machine is adapted to the processing precision required by the process.


(4) The power and stiffness of the portable CNC cutting machine and the range of maneuver should be adapted to the nature of the process and the most appropriate amount of cutting.


(5) Convenient clamping and simple fixture structure are directly related to the difficulty of NC programming and the reliability of CNC machining.


 The choice of CNC cutting machine for the system has the following aspects:


 1. Whether it is possible to connect the height-adjusting lifting bodies to realize remote operation of the torch, so that it is particularly convenient to move the torch at the position;


2. Whether the same type of parts can be directly input into the number of cuts, enabling automatic continuous large-volume cutting;


3. Whether to use the data code method that ordinary employees can understand, on-site programming is very simple and clear.