Plasma Flame Cutting Machine

  • Circular cutting machine
Circular cutting machine

Circular cutting machine

Circular cutting machine

1. Introduction

This semiautomatic cutter is made of A-alloy. The machine has two groups of speed change. It uses SCR to control speed. There are roller wheels on bottom of body. So, it is easy to move. The reducing box is used to change the speed to make the axis revolve. You can adjust the radius of cutting circle. It can cut on vertical steel plate and inclined plane. The machine improves efficiency, assures the quality and decreases the working strength.

2. Technical Parameters:

1.Machine dimension


2. WeightBody

38 KG



Diameter of cutting circle


Thickness of steel plate.


Cutting speed

:0.26.0 r.p.m

Cutting accuracy


The round error is below 1mm/r. The roughness of cutting

surface is


:ZTY-261 DC permanent magnetic motor

5.Rotational speed

:3600 r.p.m.





8.Control case


:AC 220V10 50HZ



3. Features:

①. Driving mechanism

It is made up of ZYT-261DC permanent magnetic motor, a pair of reducing worm and three pairs reducing gears.

. Body

The body is made up of prime ingot parts, A-alloy parts and many no-seam pipes.

. Torch and Tip

The torch adopts equal pressure and can move up and down by gear rack. The tip is CO2 1#-3#. You can adjust the torch according to the angle of groove.

. Electric system

The electric system is made up of electric case, and motor. It is equipped with adjusting speed potentiometer and reversing switch on the surface of electric case. There are a supply transformer and a control wire panel in the electric case.

4. Methods of cutting and piercing

Cut from the end of steel plate.

Pierce steel plate before cutting.

Drill a hole before cutting.