H Beam Forming Machine

  • H Beam Assembling-welding-straightening Machine
H Beam Assembling-welding-straightening Machine

H Beam Assembling-welding-straightening Machine

  • Product description: welding equipment, H beam production line, H beam assembling-welding-straightening machine

H beam assembling-welding-straightening machine

welding equipment, H beam production line, H beam assembling-welding-straightening machine

The assembly-welding-straightening machine is a special equipment for assembly, welding, and straightening H shaped steel. It integrates the process of the three machines of the assembly machine, the gantry welding and the straightening machine into one equipment, which significantly improves the production efficiency. The equipment cost is reduced. The installation space of the equipment is saved, and the production equipment of the H beam and the T-shaped steel is efficiently produced.


1. The splicing host adopts the structure of he heavy-duty assembly machine that has applied for the invention patent, and the web flap is automatically centered, which makes the assembly precision and assembly efficiency significantly improved.

2. The firm welding gun fixing mechanism is set independently, not only can adjust the height and horizontal movement position, but also adjust the angle of the welding gun in two directions to ensure the beautiful appearance of the weld.

3. The correcting machine has a unique design structure. The two correcting wheels can actively correct the workpiece under the push of the cylinder. The correcting mechanism will not block the line of sight of the weld line, making the adjustment of the welding gun and the observation of the quality of the weld very convenient.

4. The assembly host can be used seperately as the assembly & welding or assembly with the correction auxiliary machine.

5. The correction auxiliary machine can be used as a small straightening machine after modification.

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