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1530 Table Plasma Cutter Sent to Customer Factory

This week, a 1530 table plasma cutter was sent to a local customer's factory in South Africa.

Thanks to professional communication and convenient inspection conditions, the customer order process was very fast. After preliminary communication, the customer visited the machine and confirmed the various technical details, then the customer paid for the goods. At the same time of delivery, the local after-sales engineer went to the customer site for installation and commissioning.

Our company's sheet metal plasma cutting equipment is divided into 1530 portable type, 1530 table type, 4*10m gantry type. Customers can choose the model that best suits your processing needs. This 1530 table type machine is particularly suitable for medium and thin metal plates, such as non-ferrous metal sheet, stainless steel plate and carbon steel plate. In thick plate cutting, compared with laser cutting, it is faster in speed, lower in cost, and better cutting quality. It is widely used in machinery parts processing industry.

If you need sheet metal processing equipment, welcome to visit our company.

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